ABS 100 Billing System

Affordable Telecommunications Billing and Call Processing Solution

The ABS 100 system was designed to solve High volume Wholesale Billing, as well as: Usage Threshold Alerts/Reports, Carrier Auditing, Comparisons, Reports, Optimization, and Analysis.

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Expert Consulting

Let the experts at AcuraTel help you with your Telecommunication IT and Data Processing Needs

AcuraTel provides consulting services to help companies with their Telecommunication IT needs. This can include performing analysis of CDRs and related data to actual development of computer programs.

Telecom Experts

Experienced Team of Software Developers

Acuratel has over 40 years of combined Telecommunication Software Development and Data Analysis experience. Let our professionals help you with a cost effective customized solution.

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Contact us Today Simply send an email to sales@acuratel.com with a basic outline of your needs and our friendly staff will contact you to discuss how AcuraTel can assist you with your specific needs.
Supported Systems

Windows and SQL Server

We support development with Microsoft and SQL Server.

Linux and PostgreSQL

We support development with Linux and PostgreSQL.

Data Analysis

We have the experience to perform complex analysis of CDR and Rating data.

Convert Programs

We can write convert programs for importing CDRs into the ABS 100 Billing System.