ABS 100 Billing System

Affordable Telecommunications Billing and Call Processing Solution

The ABS 100 system was designed to solve High volume Wholesale Billing, as well as: Usage Threshold Alerts/Reports, Carrier Auditing, Comparisons, Reports, Optimization, and Analysis.

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The following images are samples of the ABS 100 system. The GUI form used for the ABS 100 system can be controled and limited on a per-user basis. You can restrict users to be able to View, Add, Modify or Delete on each form individually. The GUI form also incorporate a intelligent field editing capability to ensure that each required field is populated and that all fields are populated with valid data. (ABS 100 Main Menu, Get CDRs, Multiple Forms, NPANXX, Rate CDRs, Rate Sheet Loader, Report Scheduler, Switch Definition, Trunk Group, ABS 100 System Diagram Flow Chart) ABS 100 Main Menu Form Main Menu Get CDRs GetCDR Multiple forms MultForms NPANXX NPANXX Rate CDRs Rate_CDR Rate Sheet Loader Rate_Sheet_Loader Report Scheduler ReportSched Switch Definition Switch_Modify1 Trunk Group TrunkGroup_Add ABS 100 System Diagram FlowDiagram