ABS 100 Billing System

Affordable Telecommunications Billing and Call Processing Solution

The ABS 100 system was designed to solve High volume Wholesale Billing, as well as: Usage Threshold Alerts/Reports, Carrier Auditing, Comparisons, Reports, Optimization, and Analysis.

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ABS 100 Product Overview
ABS provides a low cost high performance Billing and CDR Processing System that rates Departmental, Agent/Reseller, Carrier, Wholesale, and Retail CDRs while also providing Network, Usage Threshold Alerts, Carrier, and Profit/Loss reports and generating LCR Routing Data along with Comparing Multiple Carrier Rates. The technology used for the ABS 100 is based upon Linux, PostgreSQL, C/C++, Shell Scripts, GTK+, Gnome, Glade, Pro-C, X-Windows and Perl. The product was designed to be used by internal staff of the company and will perform most of its functionality and services automatically once configured.
ABS 100 Highlights:
  • High Volume Wholesale Billing.
  • Usage Threshold Alerts/Reports.
  • Departmental and Agent/Reseller Billing.
  • Carrier Auditing.
  • Margin and Profitability Reports.
  • Carrier Rate Comparison.
  • LCR Generator.
  • Route LCR Optimization.
  • Wholesale Customer Traffic Analysis.
  • Unequaled Rate Importing Capability.
  • Low monthly lease fee. No large capital investment.
  • Supports Retail CDR Processing.
  • Hour Stats showing network usage.
  • Over 30 Reports.
  • Customized Billing Summary Reports.
Main Features of ABS
Over 30 X-Windows GUI forms are used to control and manage the ABS 100 system.
Unique internal CDR processing design allows ABS to process a high volume of CDRs monthly without requiring expensive high-end hardware.
Complex Rating
ABS supports a very flexible and powerful rating engine. Refer to the Rating Options list below for more information about ABS rating capabilities.
Carrier Billing
ABS rates Carrier CDRs and generates Carrier Reports for auditing and reconciling Carrier Bills.
Usage Threshold Reports
ABS can detect fraud by monitoring call usage threshold patterns that exceed defined limits and automatically send warning emails alerts.
Wholesale Billing
ABS rates and generates Wholesale Billing information for use with an external accounting system such as Peach Tree or Quicken for creating Wholesale Invoices.
Carrier Comparison Reports
Used for comparing 2 or more Carriers Rates for rate analysis. These reports can also include actual traffic in the analysis to show which carrier mix would provide them the best benefit.
Departmental and Agent/Reseller Billing
ABS has the ability to create multiple departmental and agent/reseller billing skews.
Profit and Loss Reports
ABS generates reports that show actual margin by rating each Wholesale/Retail CDR along with its corresponding carrier rates.
LCR Build
Used for creating LCR data for loading into switching systems that support complex LCR landscapes.
Route Optimization Report
ABS reports route errors by showing the most effective route changes. This report will help companies that don’t have intelligent routing capabilities by helping them to maximize and optimize their routes.
Hourly Report
ABS generates an hourly report that lists all carriers, wholesalers, and Retail Groups side-by-side by hour, including how many minutes they completed and the associated ASR.
Generic CDR Import
ABS allows users to import external CDRs by matching them against the “Generic” CDR format. Convert programs can also be made available to convert external CDRs into ABS if needed.
FTP CDR Export
ABS can be configured to programmatically ftp CDRs to clients ftp sites. CDRs can also be emailed to specific email addresses.
Report Scheduler
Most of the reports generated in ABS can be scheduled to be emailed or ftp’ed to one or more clients. ABS utilizes the concept of “pushing” information and reports to targeted users instead of requiring users to access ABS for the needed data.